5 Tips on How to Boost Your Productive Creativity


We all have moments of creative genius; whether it’s a eureka moment in the shower or a much-needed solution to a work problem, we’ve all had those aha experiences. But what about when you need to be productive and creative? When you have to come up with new ideas on demand? That’s where things can get tricky.

If you find yourself in need of a little creativity boost, try out these tips.

A good night’s rest

It should come as no surprise that getting enough sleep is crucial for peak productivity. But did you know that it’s also essential for creativity? When well-rested, you’re better able to think creatively and solve problems efficiently. If you can’t sleep, consider hemp flowers to induce sleep and improve sleep quality. Hemp flowers are rich in CBD, a compound known for its potential relaxation properties. In addition, hemp flower is non-intoxicating and has very little THC, so you can rest assured that they shouldn’t cause any psychoactive effects.


You don’t have to run a marathon or lift weights to get the benefits of exercise on your creativity. Even a short walk can increase blood flow and help clear your mind, making you more receptive to new ideas. Exercise also releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects that can improve focus and concentration. So, next time you feel stuck, take a lap around the block or do some stretching. You might find the answer you’re looking for.


With the non-stop hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. But carving out even a few minutes for mindfulness daily can do wonders for your productivity and creativity. Mindfulness is simply being present in the moment and focusing on your breath. This simple act can help quiet the noise of outside distractions and allow you to focus on generating new ideas.

Take some time off

No, we’re not talking about vacation. Sometimes, the best way to boost your productivity is by taking a break from work altogether. Step away from your desk and take time for yourself, like going for a walk, reading a book, or relaxing. Once you return refreshed and rejuvenated, chances are that you’ll find it much easier to be productive and creative.

Seek out new experiences

One of the best ways to jumpstart your creativity is by exposing yourself to new and different experiences. Explore somewhere new, try a new hobby, or learn something completely unrelated to what you normally do—anything that gets you out of your comfort zone. You might find that your creativity gets a much-needed boost by opening yourself up to new perspectives.

Final thoughts

There are many ways that you can boost your productive creativity. By trying out some or all these tips, you may find yourself coming up with great ideas more easily than before. So, give these tricks a try next time you need a little inspiration. You might be surprised at what comes about.

Agan Jarick
the authorAgan Jarick