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3 best options for replacing the missing teeth


We all know why our teeth are an essential part of our body. A healthy set of teeth helps you to have a fantastic smile and to maintain good overall health. The absence of a tooth or multiple teeth can make everyday tasks like chewing and peaking more difficult.

Here’s have a closer look at the information about dental implants and other replacement options.


A dental bridge is a gap by one or more missing teeth. It is the perfect option for replacing one or more missing teeth. But your teeth need to be healthy on both sides for a bridge. Here are the basics:

  • It can be metal, plastic, porcelain, or a combination material.
  • After fitting your teeth, you may require some more visits.
  • A covering called a crown over the teeth will anchor the bridge.
  • The false tooth, or teeth, for the bridge, will match your regular teeth.
  • Your dentist will cement the bridge to the crowned teeth.
  • Once the bridge is in place, then only the dentist should remove it.
  • Everyday cleaning of the bridge should be your part of daily oral health.
  • Your dentist will teach you how to use a special brush to clean the bridge.

 Dental Implants:

Dental implants are best for long-term tooth replacement. A dental implant involves surgically implanting the bone of your jaw. A crown goes over the end to create a natural look. To undergo the process it is essential to have healthy gums and healthy bones. This treatment will not work for you in case you have diabetes.

Here are the basics:

  • These implants are made of strong metals.
  • For one tooth, you may have one post. For a set of teeth, you need multiple posts.
  • After surgery, the bone of your jaw grows around the post, the time between getting the implants and attaching the crown depends from person to person. Sometimes it may take few months.
  • Once the new teeth are in place, avoid having hard food for few days as it can damage your crown.
  • You can treat implants like your present normal teeth but maintain them with care. After surgery, you still need to visit your dentist for regular checkups.


It is also called False teeth. Do you know a partial denture can replace one or a few teeth? It is a good option if you want too many teeth replacement. However, if your gums, teeth, and jaws don’t support other replacement options, try out this option.

 Here are the basics:

  • The partial denture (false teeth) has metal clasps that attach to your healthy teeth.
  • It can take your time to get used to it. You may require frequent visits to your dentist for adjustments.
  • Avoid having sticky and chewy foods. Chew evenly on both sides.
  • You need to take out your dentures every day and clean them properly. Rinsing and brushing are important in the cleaning process.
  • While you remove your dentures meanwhile brush your mouth, tongue, and your other teeth too.
  • While you are sleeping for a longer duration, you can always soak the dentures in a soaking solution.
  • Talk with your dentist in case your dentures don’t fit properly. Never force your dentures into the place.

These 3 are the best options for missing tooth treatment. Take the help of your dentist, he is the best person to suggest you according to your condition. Every treatment has its pros and cons so dental professionals are best in guiding to choose the correct treatment. Contact us we will be happy to guide you with all your dental queries.

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