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Skills for Nurses Taking part in Healthcare Making Decisions Process


Our nurses who want to have fun playing the healthcare making decisions process must master advanced mass communication skills to be able to “work” the press and obtain the right messages across as wide a mix section as you possibly can. In this point in time of hourly news cycles and instant Internet communication, nurses such leadership roles should have the abilities to know and manipulate how a news is produced, distributed and consumed. They have to plan their strategies leveraging such comprehensive media expertise.

Again, and associated with that, is the requirement of the nursing community in general to get involved with better pr and explain in a greater level the important role they participate in the national health system.

A situation in point — visit Google News for instance on a day making a report search using the key phrase “nurse” and you’d be amazed at the amount of negative tales came back about nurses supposedly “making use” of the patients or displaying some type of character weakness that no one affiliate with this particular dignified profession.

That proves that image building and maintenance is really a public process that needs to be tended to with similar care which goes towards nurses’ patients as well as their professional development.

A good positive image, a “market brand” for a moment, that clearly communicates the valuable “useful” that nursing profession represents is definitely an invaluable component for those nurses climbing in the proverbial ladder of making decisions. It is the “water” that raises all of the “motorboats” effortlessly.

Agan Jarick
the authorAgan Jarick