Locum Tenens: An Excellent Career Move


Have you ever heard about locum tenens? If you haven’t, it is a Latin term for taking the place of or being a substitute. As a medical practitioner, locum tenens is doing substitute work for a physician who is unable to practice in a particular facility for various reasons. Choosing a career as locum tenens opens up a world of possibilities in developing your medical career. The opportunities are all there as most medical facilities are short on staff and will always need people to fill positions. If this career move sounds interesting, it is best to find a professional locum tenens company to assist you in your new endeavor.

Whether you have been in practice for several years and have extensive experience in the field, or are fresh out of your residency, here are some of the great benefits you can enjoy with locum tenens work.

A learning experience and growth in your field

Locum tenens allows you the opportunity to grow. You get to work in different facilities and locations where techniques and medical practices may vary. You gain learning experience as you are in contact with mentors and colleagues who offer new ideas and skills along the way. This experience widens your knowledge and helps you grow professionally while you have hands-on dealings with unfamiliar medical equipment and learn new techniques.

An opportunity to earn more

Doing locum tenens work gives you the chance to earn a lot more than being a full-time medical practitioner. In a lot of localities, there is a great need for people in the field to fill positions, which is why higher wages are offered. Generally speaking, you earn more on an hourly rate than a full-time physician could expect. Also, you are not tied to a fixed rate since locum tenens jobs entail working in different facilities that offer varying salaries. This also gives you the choice of which facility is most suitable for you and your skills.

You are in control of your schedule

One of the most significant advantages of choosing locum tenens is being able to have a schedule that you are in control of. You can choose the shifts you are comfortable with, and the days of the week you are willing to work. This also gives you more opportunities to divide your time between different facilities, providing a break from the routine that you need to recharge from.

You get to travel

Locum tenens work allows you to travel from one location to another. You can work in a different facility and a new environment. If you have a family, they too can enjoy the respite and take in the scenery. One of the best ways to avoid burn-out is to take a break from the norm and explore new places. This is what locum tenens work offers—a chance to see new places and get paid for it.

You can find personal fulfillment in locum tenens work. Being unburdened of the everyday administrative work allows you more time with the patients you care about, which is why you  embarked on a medical career in the first place.


Agan Jarick
the authorAgan Jarick