How can a dentist fix my broken tooth?


One of the most popular treatments for tooth decay of any kind is root canal treatment. However, this treatment has become associated with pain which makes many people avoid it in the first place.

But this is absolutely not true.

The root canal is a very popular procedure that is being carried out by dentists all around the globe at all times. When you need to fix a broken tooth, the root canal is often one of the best procedures that are offered by the dentist.

What does root canal procedure entail?

Root canalsare the spaces between the roots of your tooth that are filled with a special dental pulp. These are the actual nervous tissues that are rich in blood vessels and nerves. They are very important for the nourishment and maintenance of your teeth. Under normal and healthy conditions, the dental pulp is protected from all external factors with various layers of the pulp and dentine.

However, in case of tooth decay or when your teeth break, the outer layer is broken which exposes the dental pulp underneath. If not treated within a specified amount of time, the pulp tissue can become inflamed permanently. It can lead to an extremely uncomfortable and painful condition. This is why you need to get your broken tooth fixed by the dentist who will then perform a root canal procedure.

During the procedure, the inflamed pulp tissues are carefully removed and the root canals are then cleaned properly. It is then filled with a nonreactive material that prevents any further infection.

Safety concerns

Since root canal has become a very popular procedure among the general crowd there are several rumours around it. Many people believe that a root canal procedure is extremely painful and hence it must be dangerous. This is not true at all because the root canal procedure is full proof and like every other dental procedure very safe.

However, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right dentist when looking for someone to fix your broken tooth. A dentist with experience and the certified level of skill required will be able to carry off this procedure with no or minimal risks. Getting this procedure done will optimize your dental hygiene and protect you from further dental trauma.

Time taken for root canal procedure

The root canal treatment is generally administered by dentists over multiple sittings. It is a time-consuming procedure but the amount of time that might be required depends on several factors. One of the most important factors is where the affected tooth is located and how aggressive the infection has become. On average it takes about 2-3 settings for the complete treatment to take place. While it sometimes may take more time it can also be completed in one sitting only.

With the help of modern dental sciences and procedures, fixing a broken tooth has become a piece of cake. With the right dentist and some patience, you will be done with the root canal treatment in no time at all.

Agan Jarick
the authorAgan Jarick