Fitness & Health Tip – Are You Able To Create a Healthy Pasta Dish?


Me being Italian, pasta was a part of my becoming an adult, and even today will still be my personal favorite food, undoubtedly!

BUT, many people don’t consider pasta to be healthy. Point in fact, many people don’t consider pasta getting every other sauce compared to traditional red or some kind of cream sauce.

I have eaten past with a large number of different concoctions because the primary sauce, and many of them did not have red or cream sauce together.

The “non-pasta” individuals are now scratching their mind. Donrrrt worry, I’ll enter into a little more details approaching.

To begin with, YES, I understand that wheat grains pasta is much better. BUT, I do not such as the gritty taste is has. In my experience, the entire wheat pasta seems like there’s sand inside it and merely does not get it done for me personally. So, THAT a part of my meal might not be the healthiest, ok?

OK, do this recipe out for size……

In some kind of skillet, put some essential olive oil. Then add salt, pepper, garlic clove (hey, I am Italian, so what can I only say) and perhaps some onions, but that is your decision. Allow that to brown for any bit adding some FRESHLY WASHED green spinach towards the mix. Green spinach you may well ask? Yup, you heard right. Because the green spinach cooks, it’ll reduce lower to some more manageable size inside the pan. Could also be water still around the green spinach would you like to prepare because that off as you possibly can.

Prepare your pasta in another pan, obviously. Strain the pasta (when it is cooked), place it inside a pasta bowl then pour the green spinach sauce regarding this. You might want to alter the servings of essential olive oil, garlic clove and green spinach, with respect to the quantity of past you prepare, but you will be amazed regarding how this tastes.

Agan Jarick
the authorAgan Jarick