Facelift in Poland


 What is a face lift?

Around the age of 40, wrinkles and not very aesthetic furrows appear on the face. Also, the eyelids and cheeks begin to droop, the face oval fades, and the lips and eyebrows lose their former shape. These changes are not dangerous to life and health, but are the first signs of aging.

In order to keep a youthful appearance for longer, a facelift in Poland can help. As the name suggests, it is a surgical procedure that involves making an incision and lifting sagging skin. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, therefore a minimum one-day stay in an aesthetic medicine clinic is necessary. The skin is cut in hardly visible places, i.e. on the temple, in the ear and behind the ear. After such reconstruction, the skin fits better on the muscles – at the same time the face does not lose its natural facial expressions.

What kind of benefits you can get after the face lift?

After the treatment, the face looks much younger. You can easily see an overall improvement in appearance. The facial skin looks firm, sagging cheeks and drooping mouth corners are reduced. Thanks to the stretching of the skin, it is smoothed and wrinkles become almost invisible. It is also worth mentioning that during this surgical procedure, other procedures can also be performed, for example eyelid correction or chin liposuction. The undoubted advantage of a facelift is also its long-lasting effect, thanks to which you can enjoy a great look for a long time.

In addition to the visual effects, surgeons also notice an improvement in the well-being of their patients. The improvement of the appearance is followed by greater self-confidence, which strengthens the psychological comfort and self-esteem. Thanks to the improved features, the face looks younger, more cheerful and the people after the treatment seem to be likeable and full of life.

Why is it worth doing a face lift in Poland?

Despite the fact that a face lift has many advantages, it also has disadvantages, and its biggest one is the price. By performing the procedure in Poland, costs can be reduced up to 75% (in comparison to the standards of Great Britain, Norway and Germany).

A medical trip does not have to be associated only with a visit to a clinic and surgery. It’s also a great way to plan a vacation abroad. While deciding to undergo a face lift in Poland, it is worth to consider visiting several tourist-attractive places such as Warsaw – the capital city of Poland, which is full of various types of exhibitions and museums that will familiarize visitors with the history and culture of the country, or Krakow, a city located close to the mountains, which is an artistic place on the map of Poland.

Agan Jarick
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