Essential Items You Need in Your Bag Before Leaving Home to Guarantee Health and Safety


Before this pandemic, your bag’s contents might have looked totally different from now. You only cared about what would make you look good while you were out to meet other people. These days, staying safe is the priority. Your bag needs to keep you protected to prevent a potential viral infection. As such, these are some of the essentials in your bag that will help you stay safe and healthy at all times.


In most places, there’s a mask mandate that could deny people entry or services if they refuse to wear one. You can use washable masks to prevent spending a lot of money to wear them. It would help to have a spare mask in your bag.

Hand sanitizer

It’s ideal for washing your hands with water and soap. However, if they’re not available, you can always use a hand sanitizer. It’s also effective in fighting off bacteria and viruses. As long as you use it properly and it has sufficient alcohol content, it’s good enough.


In some instances, you might need to use gloves. When you’re shopping for grocery items, you will touch plenty of surfaces. Since viruses can stay alive on surfaces for hours or even days, you might have to use gloves. Avoid being in direct contact with different surfaces. Throw away the gloves as soon as you finish using them.

EMF protection

It’s not only the virus that you have to protect yourself from. You are also exposed to radiation coming out of your mobile device. Due to this pandemic, more people have become isolated. As a result, phone use has drastically increased. You use your device for almost everything these days. The best way to stay protected is by using an EMF necklace from businesses such as It’s effective in blocking radiation from entering your body. You can try to reduce your phone use, but you can at least rely on this device to help if it’s difficult. Some of them are easy to wear as fashion accessories, while others can be inside your bag.

Mini first aid kit

If you suddenly experience some symptoms while you’re outside, it helps if you have a mini first aid kit. This virus is unpredictable and can manifest itself in several ways. Some people who tested positive didn’t feel anything one day and suddenly felt terrible the next. Since there’s no known cure for the virus yet, doctors deal with the symptoms. Even if you’re not certain that your symptoms are due to the virus; it helps to treat the symptoms first. When things get worse, you can go ahead and see your doctor.

This pandemic has redefined what is essential. Your bag looks totally different now. You even check if everything you need is there before going out. It’s a good thing that you pay enough attention to health and safety. Besides, you’re not only protecting yourself. These changes are also for your family. You want to protect them at all times.


Agan Jarick
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