Bariatric Surgeon Explains Why Overweight Causes Hypertension


Wondering if increased blood pressure could be related to excess weight? Bariatric surgeons note – the relation between obesity and HBP is undeniable. In fact, being overweight leads to many health issues, which increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. “Newman” bariatric clinic’s professionals explained this relation and likely risks in simple words.

Obesity, Comorbid Conditions, and HBP Issue

In severe obesity cases, hypertension is one of the most common comorbid conditions. It could be provoked by excess weight as well as other developed health issues. For instance, obesity-related apnea. Despite the initial reason, high blood pressure (HBP) triggers daily activities and life quality in general.

Regarding the most effective treatment, highly experienced Newmanbariatric clinic specialists note that it’s crucial to look at the whole picture. Therefore, if you want a long-term treatment, you should target the cause itself. There are no shortcuts but a complex treatment. When it comes to severe obesity, it usually contains various non-interventional and surgical methods.

How Does Excess Weight Cause Hypertension?

Deepening into the topic, you would find many medical explanations. The in-depth research will lead you to the complex terms of leptin resistance, endothelial dysfunction, and others. Still, the “Newman” bariatric team puts it in simple words. They name 2 fundamental reasons behind obesity-related HBP:

  • Heart is constantly stressed by the extra strain
  • Excess weight emaciates the whole blood circulation and strains vessels

As the relation between high body mass index and HBP is medically proven, it’s wise to think of options to start a healthier lifestyle. Of course, sometimes diet and physical activity aren’t enough to completely manage hypertension. Only an experienced bariatric team can recommend the most effective treatment individually.

Feel like it’s time to look for solutions to manage HBP long-term? Well, seems like the only actually efficient way is a life-long journey to a balanced life. Start with a one-on-one consultation with a recognized and trustworthy bariatric team.

Agan Jarick
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